Photogallery from lectures, seminars, and coffee breaks organised by Business Institut. We regularly organise meetings with interesting people from the world of business and education for our students and graduates.

Graduation ceremony

Business Institut organizes graduation ceremonies, their relatives and friends.

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Start of study

Time flexible study programme The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a modern form of practical training for middle and senior management, specialists, entrepreneurs as well as senior executives. The study ends with a prestigious MBA degree.

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Networking events

Business Institut organizes networking events for students, graduates and trainers.

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Personality Stories

What does success mean and how does it lead to it? The Business Institut invites interesting guests to present their own business stories.

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Thematic lectures

Business Institut organizes, in addition to the study, interesting educational events, where top experts and personalities from the world of business, education and culture give lectures on current topics.

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Business Institut participates in prestigious conferences as a partner.

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Lecturer meetings

All programs include unique and inspiring lectures.

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The Open Day & Company anniversary

The Business Institute offers twice a year an Open Day for all those interested in studying MBA, BBA, LLM or DBA.

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Modern premises

We offer comfortable modern premises for all students.

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