Accreditation and membership

Accreditation and membership

The quality indicator and an important criterion for choosing an MBA school is its accreditation and membership in organizations that guarantee the quality of education. The Business Institut has prestigious accreditations from domestic and foreign institutions.

European Association for Business Studies (EABS)

The European Association for Business Studies (EABS) was established in 1999, it is a professional membership organization dedicated to providing accreditation services to all legitimate educational institutions, such as colleges, universities or private education organizations with excellent service quality. The accreditation provided by this association has become the global standard for all MBAs, BBAs and other postgraduate education programs that reach top levels.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


Business Institut is a member of ACBSP, one of the two most prestigious American associations that brings together leading education institutions around the world. ACBSP controls the quality and level of not only the institution itself, but also the taught educational programs, lecturers and students themselves. Membership in this association is conditioned by a relatively demanding process, which is then followed by the institution’s own accreditation. ACBSP accredits programs focusing on economy, management, accounting and other business-related training programs.

European Association for Distance Learning

EADL is another prestigious association overseeing the high quality of distance education at educational institutions. The aim of EADL is to improve the quality of distance education and thus guarantee a perfect and flawless education system. EADL is backed by private and non-governmental educational organizations and institutions, all members must meet quality standards that are in line with the Code. Membership in EADL is therefore considered a guarantee of the quality of the educational institution.

Business Graduates Association

The Business Institut is a member of the Business Graduates Association, an impartial authority in postgraduate education. It was founded in London in 1967 and is currently a global leader in postgraduate education, focusing mainly on MBA and DBA management programs. The Business Graduates Association accredits only 2% of the best business institutions in more than 70 countries worldwide, so we are extremely proud to be part of this association.

International Association for Distance Learning (IADL)

Business Institut je akreditovaný The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL), which ensures the quality of distance and online education internationally. IADL provides comparative assessment, approval and recognition of, in particular, distance and online learning programs. IADL members are universities, colleges and educational institutions that are assessed by the approval committee on the basis of strict criteria.

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is a joint project of the United Nations (UN) and educational institutions in which management is taught social responsibility. PRME’s vision is to deliver sustainable development goals through a responsible approach to education. The mission of PRME is to transform management education and strengthen the principles of corporate social responsibility in decision-making by top managers and leaders. More than 500 leading education institutions from more than 80 countries around the world are involved in the prestigious international PRME network.


Association for Educational Communications & Technology

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), founded in 1923 in Washington, DC, is a professional association of instructors, educators, and professionals who provide leadership and advise policy makers to sustain continuous efforts to enrich teaching and learning. Research and scientific activities contribute to the knowledge base in education.

Ministerstvo vnitra České republiky

Business Institut is accredited by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic under § 30 par. 5 of Act no. As an educational institution under accreditation number AK / I-47/2014, proceedings number MV-138186-4 / ODK-2014. Accreditation of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic authorizes the Business Institute to educate officials and senior officials of territorial self-governing units. In addition to the institution’s accreditation, professional training programs are accredited in the following fields: management, public administration, financial management. Accreditation allows MBA study programs to be recognized as compulsory education for senior officials of territorial self-governing units.

Academy of Management

Academy of Management, based in Boston, was founded in 1936. Its members include more than 120 countries around the world. It is an international, professional company composed primarily of management professors, researchers, consultants and executives. The Academy of Management supports the general development of management, education, training and practice in management and promotes the expansion and consolidation of management knowledge. The Academy of Management publishes scientific research, manages forums for the exchange of management knowledge and provides services that reinforce management science and practice.

Asociace institucí vzdělávání dospělých ČR, o.s. (AIVD)


A professional association with a tradition since 1990, which aims to promote the interests and needs of adult education institutions and to concentrate professional capacities to address concept and development in this field. It also cooperates with state authorities and other entities in the preparation and implementation of legislative and other measures in the field of adult education, organizes professional events, publishes professional publications and represents members and their activities in domestic and international associations.

Česká manažerská asociace (ČMA)

The mission of ČMA is to develop the skills of managers as well as their ability to lead teams and contribute to the strengthening of business ethics, ethical relationships between employees and business partners, as well as accountability to the consumer. It was founded in 1990 and is a voluntary independent association of managers – managers. Its goals include increasing the prestige of the management profession, working to improve business performance and collaborating with research institutions and universities.

The British Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic



The British Chamber of Commerce was established in the Czech Republic in April 1997. It associates more than 240 member companies representing a wide range of interests in the Czech Republic, from leading investors to individual entrepreneurs. According to the survey and its assessment, The British Chamber of Commerce was identified as the best of the 23 British Chambers in Europe.

Hospodářská komora České republiky

Hospodářská komora České republiky represents the business community. The mission of the Chamber is to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, to promote and support measures that contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Czech and thus to overall economic prosperity and state stability.

Česká andragogická společnost


The Czech Andragogical Society is a civic association founded on November 4, 2008 by a group of leading Czech andragogs led by doc. Prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Veteška, Ph.D. It is a non-political, voluntary grouping of adult education professionals that associates academic and commercial professionals, members include college staff, managers, lecturers, teachers, tutors, counselors, students and other human resources developers.

Český institut interních auditorů, z.s. (ČIIA)

Český institut interních auditorů (ČIIA) is a civic association of internal auditors that was created to promote and support the development of internal audit in the Czech Republic. CEI is the national institute of the International Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., which was established in the USA in 1941 and today represents 90,000 experts from more than 165 countries.

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)


Established in 1941, the institution is a professional auditing company and recognized authority in the field of education. Its members are predominantly in the field of internal audit, risk management, government, information technology auditing, education and security.

Česká marketingová společnost, o.s. (ČMS)

Česká marketingová společnost, o. s., is a voluntary non-profit organization that brings together marketing workers and people interested in marketing through collective and individual membership. From the original mission to contribute as much as possible to the expansion of marketing in the Czech Republic is currently focused primarily on promoting communication between marketing professionals, increasing the quality of marketing management and marketing activities.

Společnost pro projektové řízení

Společnost pro projektové řízení  is an organization that associates companies and individuals with project management. It is the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Its primary function is to promote understanding of project management as a profession that has its global reach, standards, knowledge and capabilities. It associates project managers across all human activities.

Asociace MBA

The MBA associates in its membership base subjects providing MBA (Master of Business Administration) studies. The aim of the association is to inform the public about the possibilities and conditions of MBA studies and to develop the quality of teaching and the overall level of MBA programs in the Czech Republic. Membership of the organization guarantees a high standard of quality MBA studies.