MBA degree

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a professional management training program that aims to deepen the already acquired knowledge and to gain professional education across different fields of management.

General information about MBA degree

MBA degree (Master of Business Administration) is a modern form of education for managers, who aspire to be up-to-date with trends and work on their personal development. Business Institute focuses on practical skills applicable in the everyday personal and professional life. You can learn what kind of skills our graduates acquired directly from them. 

Who is MBA degree suitable for

MBA study programmes are suitable for anybody, who aspires to enhance not only themselves but also the companies they work for. MBA degree is designed primarily for managers, CEOs, business owners, healthcare professionals, employees in leading positions in state administration and everyone, who aspires to enhance their professional status.

Requirements for admission

University degree (at least bachelors) is required for the admission to MBA programmes. However, if the applicant has sufficient managerial or other professional experience –working on such a position for at least five years –  that they wish to further deepen; granting an exception and accepting candidates without a university degree is also possible.

Advantages of MBA over university degree

The difference between classical higher education and MBA educational programs is substantial. MBA programmes are designed to further expand and deepen the knowledge already acquired beyond university education and they specifically focus on its practical application. Notably, the attention given to the practical skills is the added value of MBA study, which enhances the qualification of the graduates and also their value of the job market. The lectures are realised by a number of professional lecturers, who are willing to pass to the students their own know-how acquired through years of experience in their fields. They are also ready to discuss management issues from their own professional experience. Lectures are, therefore, aiming to presents and solve various case studies. In addition, students also gain many valuable and professional contacts.

Available options

Business Institut offers two different study plans: combined form of MBA study for those who would like to meet our lecturers face to face during lectures; and also 100% online form for those, whose schedule does not allow them to attend lectures and those who prefer interactive style of learning.