MBA degree

MBA degree

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a management professional training program that aims to deepen the knowledge already acquired and to acquire professional education across all disciplines. The MBA degree program is designed for managers, entrepreneurs, government managers, and all who want to increase their professional prestige.

General information about MBA

A prerequisite for admission to MBA programs is an ideal university degree in at least a bachelor’s degree. However, if the applicant has provably sufficient managerial or other professional experience that he / she wishes to further deepen, it is possible to grant an exemption and accept candidates without a university degree.

Advantages of MBA versus higher education

The difference with classical higher education is significant for MBA vocational programs. The study of such a program is aimed at further expanding and deepening the knowledge already acquired beyond higher education and, in particular, focusing on its practical application. It is the focus on practice that adds value to the MBA and increases the qualifications of candidates and their value in the labor market. The teaching is provided by a number of practitioners who give their students their own know-how acquired through years of experience in the field, and are also willing to discuss management issues with them from their own professional practice. In this way, lecturing meetings are aimed at solving various case studies. In addition, students will also receive many valuable and useful future and professional contacts.

MBA degree

The study of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) is not a university study in accordance with Act no. 111/1998 Coll. On Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Higher Education Act), as amended. By completing a professional training program, there is no academic degree but an MBA.

The offer of programs that can be studied within the MBA is quite wide, so almost everyone can find their focus. You can choose from several specializations.