Mgr. Jiří Jandečka

Mgr. Jiří Jandečka

Lecturer, auditor and consultant in the field of quality management and optimization of business processes through lean manufacturing tools. He is a graduate of Palacký University, majoring in sociology - andragogy, specializing in adult education. He holds QM + EOQ and IRCA certifications..

Since 1998, he has held the positions of quality specialist, quality auditor and quality manager in companies dealing with engineering production. In 2003, as an employee of a consulting company, he implemented quality, safety and environmental management systems in companies, especially in engineering, construction, automotive and also in the field of services (approximately 50 companies). One year later, he started engaging in training skills in the areas of company performance management, process and project management, change management, lean manufacturing, improvement and more..

Since 2005 he has been working as a certification auditor of quality management systems for the English certification body. During his trainings, he uses the experience of a certification auditor, tries to demonstrate the use of various management tools in model situations and gives participants enough space to consult real problems and situations in practice.

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