Ceremonial Start of Study – March 2019

On March 26, 2019 we launched another cycle of management program studies at the Business Institut.

Business Institut started the 26th cycle of management program studies. This time, together with enthusiastic students, we met in Prague’s Amarilis hotel, where, among other things, there was a leadership, a representative of the study department, a lot of news and also excellent refreshments.

The study was launched by Jana Adámková, a long-time lecturer with her speech, welcome and brief information about the Business Institut, an evaluation of a couple of previous years, as well as the following course of study. This year’s novelty was a completely new, high-level student section. For example, students can pass their work through it, saving not only the environment but also their time and money. Finally, she thanked the student for her confidence in the selection of the educational institute and expressed her support for their further professional development. After a short pause, the students heard from the mouth of a great lecturer, Soňa Španielová, a seminar on writing progressive papers, which are an important part of the study.

After the seminar, the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the representatives of the study department and thus clarify the last details of their management studies.

We care about the opinion of our students and that is why we prepared a short questionnaire, of course anonymous, and we take the answers very seriously and we try to learn from every critique and of course we are looking forward to praise.

We thank all students for their trust and keep our fingers crossed for the study.