“Emotional Intelligence is premium” – Seminar with Mgr. František Paikrt

The Business Institut has prepared another free seminar for its students, graduates and lecturers. The theme of Emotional Intelligence was conducted by Mgr. František Paikrt.

Emotional intelligence is difficult to define – for all that influences how we manage our behavior, and what shape our personal decisions. But why is emotional intelligence premium? We learned this at a seminar of the same name by Mgr. František Paikrt, education and development specialist.

What was the topic of the seminar?

The main topic of the lecture was emotional intelligence, its definition at the level of practical use and its connection / use in the area of ​​premium. Sales, recruitment and development of employees and services – not only here is the premium in the negotiation desired result. Together we said how the premium is related to passive communication, emotional intelligence, as well as empathy and self-reflection.

Who is František Paikrt?

Mgr. František Paikrt is a certified Apple trainer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a Retail Development Manager for Apple for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and founder of the Event-Blender Freelancer Community. He tames his creativity with practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field.

We thank everyone for your participation and we look forward to seeing you next time.