Design Thinking in practice with Ing. Štěpánka Frýbová Uličná, Ph.D.

We launched our first free seminar this year on January 28, 2020 with the theme of Design Thinking.

The theme of DESIGN THINKING, or how to generate ideas for product and service improvement and test them directly, is undoubtedly appealing, as evidenced by the numerous participation not only of our students, graduates, but also the public.

The 2-hour practically focused seminar was attended by a long-time lecturer of the Business Institute, Ing. Štěpánka Uličná, Ph.D., who describes herself as an enthusiast in Six Sigmy, LEAN and Design Thinking methods.

Content of the seminar:

• Thinking design – how and why it was created,

• understanding the customer world – trends, way of life and work, work, processes and metrics,

• defining the problem we want to solve,

• generating ideas and folding solutions,

• prototyping – a prototype, model, test video or program menu, at least a viable product or service that can be tested with the customer and get feedback,

• action testing,

• summary of Design Thinking principles and methods and next steps.

What did the seminar bring to the participants?

• Learn about the basic principles of Design Thinking,

• learned how to run innovative workshops and smaller projects correctly and effectively,

• can better understand the customer and understand their needs,

• know how to improve customer service and products,

• received instructions on how to eliminate wastage in the form, especially of human potential in organizations.

The atmosphere of each seminar tends to be wonderful and very fruitful for discussions, ideas and experiences. This seminar was no exception. Judge yourself from the photogallery that it is a pleasure to attend our seminars.

We look forward to seeing you next time!

Please note, that the seminar took place in Czech language.