Founder of marketing agency and online strategist Mgr. Vojtěch Lambert at the Business Institut

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019 the Business Institut was alive not only by our students, graduates, but also by the public. More than 30 people came to listen to a practical seminar led by Mgr. Vojtěch Lambert.

Trends on social networks are an interesting topic and could certainly be discussed for several hours. But we had to do 2 hours, which were loaded with information, quality presentation, curious questions, but also practical demonstrations and advice.

Mgr. Vojtěch Lambert gradually went through trends on all social networks, showed the tricks to set budgets and introduced news that certainly need to be applied in practice. After the seminar, a number of participants came for advice and personal consultation, suggesting that the seminar, the topic and, above all, the lecturer were really good and inspiring.

There is always a good mood in our free seminars and we are delighted to participate. We are much more happy when people leave us happy and receive positive feedback.

In just a few days we are coming with another, this year’s last seminar.

But look positive and enjoy a nice time with social trends with at least photos.