Opening of the 27th cycle of management studies – October 2019

On October 22, 2019 we started the 27th cycle of managerial studies at the Business Institute in MBA, BBA, DBA and LLM programs. The opening ceremony took place at the Amarilis Hotel in Prague, where all students were cordially invited.

The second opening of the year, cycle October 2019, was held at the Amarilis Hotel, where more than 65 students were invited.

The program also included a program where students were first spoken by representatives of the Institute, introduced by lecturers, and after a short break the program began.

We divided the program into 3 areas where each area was represented by an expert from our lecturers.

Ing. Štěpánka Uličná, Ph.D., who tuned everyone present with her “ice-breaker” activities, which helped to get to know her new classmates better, relax the atmosphere and get in the right mood. There was laughter in the hall, joy and new friendships that had emerged could not be overlooked.

In a relaxed atmosphere continued Ing. et Ing. Soňa Španielová, Ph.D., MBA, who explained how to write progress and final works, how to use our student section, how to work with literature sources and an online library. The study has only just begun, but as in the beginning, it must be motivated all the time.

The excellent Mgr. František Paikrt and we believe that with his advice and knowledge, which he managed to pass on to students, it will go one joy.

Each launch is something special, and in summarizing we always realize where we have moved again. After this, last year’s launch, we can say that despite various forecasts and estimates and forecasts, there is still a huge interest in MBA studies, as evidenced by the full room capacity and occupancy of our programs. Interestingly, the MBA goes beyond the borders and at this moment we are also in demand from foreign people.

We would like to thank all students and lecturers for the wonderful opening ceremony and wish them a lot of success in their studies.  

You can recall the opening atmosphere in the photogallery.