Marketing Strategies (online)

Students will acquire knowledge and experiences in international marketing strategies and its consequences in company processes. Students may apply this knowledge while writing orders, makings changes in projects or whole sectors. Market entry program will help students to master the rule of being “right for first time” for both multinational corporation and global entrepreneurships. Case studies, research, and review articles will be used.

Lecturer of the study module

Mgr. Tomáš Zdražil


The aim of this module is to familiarise students with modern trends in marketing strategies, principles of sales processes in relation to target groups, and last but not least to create viable marketing s tatty and to evaluate recipients responses on advertising messages.


Marketing is a field that evolves as anything else. In the era of digitalisation, social networking, and the constant presence of mobile device screens, perhaps even a little more quickly. However, it should be noted that some basic principles will always apply. Famous Italian advertising photographer Oliviero Toscany, who became famous (at that time) for controversial campaigns for the Benetton brand, once said : “Advertising is scented carcass. The dead says: “He looks great as if he was smiling.” This is also true of advertising. Advertising is dead, but it still smiles… ” Unfortunately, Toscani is right, but while only advertising agencies would whisper that years ago, almost every child knows it today. Advertising is not dead, only some of the means which have been used for decades struck as irrelevant today, as they are not effective anymore, being unable to large proportion of the recipients. So what to do with advertising? Is advertising unnecessary? How to do it differently, effectively? Lets look into another famous quote:
“I throw out half of the money I give for advertising through the window. But I do not know which half. ” Today, thanks to tracking of almost anything in campaigns through digital technology we can find out which half. So our ads can still be effective, we can even streamline them, and we can still reach new customers through marketing communications. We just have to start doing it differently.


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