Study price list

Study price list

There are no additional fees for regular study, on the contrary, the study includes free literature, the possibility to attend thematic and professional lectures, attendance at the graduation ceremony, membership in the Alumni club and other benefits. Students can also attend free lectures from other programs where they can get up-to-date and valuable information from other disciplines.

Evidently the most effective MBA study. Modern, in English, length of study 1 year, focus on practice

Only until 31.1.2020 we guarantee a unique price of 4.235 EUR for the whole study.

Study programPrice of study after discountStandard price of study
4.235 EUR
5.124 EUR with VAT
6.862 EUR
8.303 EUR
Online MBA
3.098 EUR
3.749 EUR with VAT
5.098 EUR
6.168 EUR
4.902 EUR
5.932 EUR with VAT
7.059 EUR
8.541 EUR
Executive LLM – Commercial Law
3.490 EUR
4.223 EUR with VAT
5.490 EUR
6.643 EUR
1.921 EUR
2.324 EUR with VAT
2.313 EUR
2.798 EUR

The study fee includes

  • attending lecturing meetings, including refreshments
  • consultation with tutors beyond the study
  • Initial Methodological Seminar on Progress Writing
  • access to the student section for study materials and study information
  • library services and online libraries with an extensive range of professional titles
  • evaluation of progress work, including consultations
  • conducting the final thesis, including the opponent's opinion
  • care of our study department
  • participation in graduation ceremonies and family members
  • Diploma in English, Certificate in Czech, Diploma Supplement in Slovak and English

In addition, you will get these benefits to study

  • free educational activities beyond study: block modules, professional seminars, success stories
  • possibility to attend a lecturing meeting from other programs
  • the opportunity to visit special modules for free, where top experts and celebrities give lectures
  • help in getting a more lucrative management post after graduation
  • own Alumni club: after graduation we invite our graduates to educational activities and networking meetings
  • a discount on the purchase of literature from Grada

Terms of payment

  • Payment for study can be made in one or more installments on an individual basis.
  • The first installment is paid prior to the commencement of the study, further installments are paid during the course of the study according to the installment calendar agreement.

Tax Aspects of Study

  • An MBA study is a tax-deductible item that an employer can claim on income tax as an employee's professional development expenditure.
  • At the same time, this is an income that is exempt from income tax under the Income Tax Act if the study is related to the employer's business.