Ing. Milan Balun on the development and replenishment of vital energy

The last of this year's Business Institut seminar was marked by the energy that we all need to recharge before the holidays to enter the new year in a positive mood.

On December 9, 2019, we welcomed students to our last free seminar for this year at the Business Institut.

Christmas holidays are coming, so we are in cooperation with Ing. Milan Balun prepared a topic focused on energy, its development and complementation. The theme is very necessary for this Christmas season, because right now, with the end of the year coming, energy is what we all need. During the seminar, participants learned how to prevent burn-out, how to divide our time so that we do not feel pressure or stress during the day.

We did not miss the topic of motivation and the lecturer explained how to let the emotions pass, how to deal with them, when it is best to suppress them, or when to leave the emotions free.

We would like to thank all participants for finding the time and time to come in this time-consuming period.

We wish you a pleasant holiday and we look forward to seeing you at next seminars next year.

Recall the atmosphere of this year’s last seminar in the attached photogallery.